Creating a Healthy Body & Mindset

At Inner Fit Studio, we believe fitness is about more than just exercise—it's about longevity, building strong, healthy bodies, and boosting confidence at any age and body size. Regular exercise helps you feel better from the inside out, making you stronger and preparing you for a healthy future.

Our mission is to help you find an enjoyable, consistent routine that enhances your life. At Inner Fit, you’ll make friends, enjoy weekly workouts, and join us for exciting outdoor adventures, community events, and more. We are a community where you belong, regardless of your fitness level or life stage.

Whether you’re a busy working parent, retired, recently divorced, a new parent, a student, or simply looking to be part of a supportive fitness community, Inner Fit is for you. Our members, many of whom have been with us since we opened in 2007, aren’t just aiming for a ‘ripped’ body—they want to feel healthy and age well.

We invite you to experience the Inner Fit difference. Try us out and see if we’re the right fit for you.

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Your First Class

We know starting at a new place can make some feel nervous, but rest assured, Inner Fit is a welcoming community. When you get to the studio, you can park anywhere (for free). Once you walk in the doors, you will be greeted by either our coaches or a member. Our members love to meet new people and show them around. We are an inclusive community so do not worry about where your fitness level is at. All fitness levels, body sizes, ages, are welcome as we teach in levels.

  • Hundreds of Happy Members

    "A judgement free zone that makes you feel so comfortable. Everyone supports everyone. It isn’t just a gym, it’s a family! Do yourself a favour and join this amazing community!

    Haylee Ann

  • 25 Years of Experience in Group Fitness

    Rachel opened the doors of Inner Fit in 2007 with a hope to create a welcoming place for all body sizes, fitness levels, genders, and ages. She began her career in fitness in 1999, and has been an educator for the BCRPA and CFES certifying trainers for over 20 years.

  • Hundreds of Real Success Stories

    "I’ve been a member of Inner Fit since 2011 and I can definitely say you will not find another fitness studio like this anywhere. join in for a sweaty workout no matter your age, fitness levels or limitations."

    Sandra Flinterman

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  • Spin Classes

    A low impact, super fun way to sweat! We offer indoor cycling classes 7 days a week with lots of times to choose from. Our bikes use regular shoes or SPD clips. We also do combo cycling classes like our Cycling & Lift, and Cycle & Mobility.

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  • Strength Classes

    The stronger we are now, the stronger we will be as we age. Strength training is the best thing we can do for our bodies. Low impact and a fun way to lift weights. We teach you how to lift to avoid injuries in a fun group fitness way!

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  • HIIT & Circuit Workouts

    With low and high impact options for everyone, our group cardio workouts are enjoyable, doable, and we have a variety of classes from Step, Interval Training, Circuits, Dance, Boxing & More!

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  • Yoga & Mobility

    Our main focus for our members is longevity. We want you to live a long healthy life and that is why we include yoga, stretch and mobility classes to our schedule. We will guide you through mobility, yoga, and stretching exercises that leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and prevent injuries.

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  • Step Aerobics

    A classic form of group fitness is Step Aerobics and we are lucky to have 2 instructors who both have over 25 years of Step Aerobics experience leading these fun classes! No experience needed, just a fun way to exercise and burn calories. Sweat in a fun way!! Every Thursday and Saturday.

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  • Combo Classes: Spin & Strength

    One of our popular classes has become our Spin and Strength Combo Classes. You get to enjoy the benefits of both spinning for a low impact cardio workout, combined with the lifelong health benefits of strength training.

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  • Dance Fit Low Impact

    Join Renee as she guides you through a fun dance style fitness workout. No experience needed. This is a fun way to move and be active if you love music and love to dance.

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Weight Loss is Our Specialty

Inner Fit has hundreds of weight loss success stories for a reason - we combine group fitness, coaching, and challenges to help our members focus on their goals and feel supported along the way! Our members not only see and feel changes on the inside, but also notice their changes on the outside too! Feeling fit feels good - regardless of what the scale says! There is no "one weight" fits all. Your ideal weight is what feels good to you! We believe that the scale is only a tool, the real weight loss success is when you love how you feel (regardless of the number on the scale).



Sandra has been with us since 2009. During covid, she stayed committed to her fitness and saw big changes.

Ash took on our 75 day challenge in 2023. He made some major life changes and has been rocking his success ever since.

Shannon and Terry have proven time and time again that when you work together you can have great success!

Tania not only lost 70 lbs with Inner Fit but shortly after became a beloved coach with her fun energy!

Rachel, the Owner of Inner Fit, lost 100 lbs and is working her way to her final fitness and weight loss goals.

Karen lost over 50 lbs and transformed her fitness and health during one of our challenges.

Aaron lost 22lb, reached his goal, and got to experience the confidence that comes from consistency.

Meet Rachel, Owner of Inner Fit

Rachel has been passionately dedicated to helping people discover a love for not just fitness, but group fitness since 1999, and opened Inner Fit in 2007 with a dream to build a fun place to workout for guys and gals.

She believes that group fitness eliminates the barrier to fitness that so many face, which is - what to do at the gym. She has successfully create a fitness studio where all levels of fitness can enjoy workouts together, without anyone feeling like they cannot keep up, or are restricted by size, age, or injuries. Rachel was once 350 lbs, so when we say she "gets it", she gets it. And she also knows that exercise goes beyond the workout, it has a dramatic impact on your mental health too!

You will find her teaching lots of classes throughout the week, along with her loving and caring coaches who are an extension of her belief system, and many who were once members first. Rachel invites you to join the community because she knows your future self will thank you ever day for adding fitness into your life.

About the Studio

The studio itself is just under 4000 square feet. It is clean, open, and we offer a variety of equipment. We have a large studio and a small training studio. There are 2 washrooms and a change room area. We also have a large community space in the front where you can hangout while you wait for classes. Kids are welcome to hangout while their parents workout. We also have a stretching and core area for before and after classes.

Rachel is happy to offer you a tour of the studio and answer any questions. Contact us below!

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Unlimited Class Pass Membership as Low as $149/Month & No Contracts

At Inner Fit, we offer a variety of membership options to suit you. Start with the 1 Month Free Trial (Limited Offer), followed by your next month at $99. After that, talk to one of our team members for all our pricing options to see what works best for you!

We don't believe in contracts. We have the option of auto-pay to reduce your monthly fees but no one is tied into a membership (because we don't have to, our members love the classes and community).

Options Available: Monthly Unlimited, Class Passes, Bestie/Partner Unlimited, 1 Year (paid in full - best price option). Less than $5 a day to live a long and healthy life and make lots of friends!

Auto-Pay Membership Options

Save month each month with our Auto-Pay options online. We do not do contracts. We simply create a simply monthly auto-pay option for you to save money.

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Membership Options - Annual, Class Passes & More!

We offer additional options for people who prefer to save by paying ahead, or are looking to class pass options versus monthly memberships.

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Location: 3511 Viking Way, Unit 11 Rmd.

Inner Fit Studios is located in East Richmond (near Ikea). This location allows us to have 4000 square feet of training space, lots of free parking, and accessible to Richmond, Vancouver, New West, Delta, Lader, and Surrey. We are just off hwy 91, hwy 99, and Knight Street which makes us accessible to local areas.

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